Our Surveying Services

Below is a list of the professional surveying services provided by Barry Hunt Associates. For any queries or quotations please contact one of our friendly staff.

Detail and Contour Surveys

Surveys for residential architectural design, civil design, volume calculations including Waste Management Facilities for the Central Coast Council.

Building Setouts and Reports

Setting out corners and offsets for new buildings, renovations and earthworks. Prompt on site service. Identification surveys showing boundaries of the property as well as buildings, fences or any improvements with respect to the boundary.


From advice on lot yields, layouts and planning opportunities, through to council Development Applications through to marking all the new boundaries and registering with Land NSW by Registered Surveyor.

Site analysis

Organise, negotiate and prepare development applications

Analysis and investigation for planning purposes and preposed purchase and development

Feasibility studies

Statement of environmental effects, land use and environmental assessments

Subdivision lot layout

Development advice and planning

Engineering Surveys

We can design and setout civil engineering, or simply set it out if you already have your engineering plans.

Road design and setout

Sewerage design and setout

Stormwater design and setout

Setout of construction projects; dwellings, factories, high rise buildings, railways, bridges, roads etc.

Monitoring of the completed project to ensure structural integrity is maintained

Volume determination and monitoring for extraction

Work As Executed surveys (WAE) (as built surveys)

Certification of construction works (compliance surveys)

Infrastructure Surveys

With specialist skills in dilapidation reports, dam monitoring surveys and waterways hydrographic surveys, we can provide surveys for all manner of public utilities infrastructure. 

Accredited Hydrographic Surveyor

Mapping rivers, oceans and waterways

Used for boating and dredging purposes

Dilapidation Reports

Professional Land
Surveying & Mapping

Have questions about our surveying services offered, or want to get your project started? Get in touch now!